An enchanting Christmas 3D Mapping show took place at the jewelry district, center of Amman, Jordan. Imseeh jewelry decided
to create a magical show for the festive season.

The Show was running for 16 days, and required 4 Large venue projectors (60k Lumens) placed 50 meters across the road.

The story board was created at a shockingly short period of time. Animation production took more than 400 man-hours to create this incredible animation, perfectly mapped to the Building.


Reviving the Jordanian heritage with Surreal Bedouin projection for an engagement in Amman, Jordan. All images used are from the families history archives. 

10 projectors were used to achieved this result, 3 facades; 60m in total length. 


A wedding at a royal palace with a simple design set-up needed this illumination, which turned the wedding into a fairy-tale.

The projection was mapped across three facades, around 60m in length. The show began as the bride and groom entered, and continued throughout the night with glamorous and captivating visuals.

We incorporated the stone outlines, arches and windows of the beautiful palace to complement our visuals.


What is more surprising than to see your own house dance at your 60th birthday party!

We animated each stone of the 15m facade and incorporated it with textures and the sound of stones grinding, making it look absolutely realistic.


This was an architectural projection mapping piece on the 22m wide contemporary facade.

The facade was brought to life with 3D visuals and immersive videos synchronized with the music.

Bespoke content was created to fit the clients desire, scheduled to play at various times; entrance of the bride & groom, the cake show and their first dance.


McDonald's Jordan wanted to celebrate their 20th anniversary in a special way. We created a custom made video to represent them for the past years, using chroma green screen we were able to create a sketch and animate it, bringing it to life with the music.


Augmenting this Jordanian heritage site with almost tangible projections.

Diwan Haj Hassan